Extreme Injector v3.7

A new version of Extreme Injector v3.7 has been released that fixes support for Windows 10 Creators Update. It also fixes a critical bug that may have prevented the injection of some DLLs (errors relating to being unable to resolve dependencies).

All content has been migrated off this blog site to GitHub for more transparency so do not expect any future update notifications coming from here. Please report any issues or bugs there.


Planned updates for Extreme Injector

Here are some planned changes for future versions of Extreme Injector:

  • CLI mode (command-line interface mode)
  • Improved Secure Mode (freeze fix, and more “secure”)

Please feel free to comment and suggest features to add. Inappropriate suggestions like “SQF Injection” will not be accepted.



Hey guys, welcome to my first blog. Might not be posting an awful lot but expect updates on my latest public releases and perhaps some reverse engineering fun here and there.